Energy Film- High Infrared Rejection Window Film- IR Cut Film| NAN YA CLEAR FILM

High Infrared Rejection Window Film / IR cut Film / Energy Film


1. Energy conservation: lower the room temperature and reduce your air conditioning costs by insulating over 99% of UV and 80% of infrared radiation.

2. High light transmittance of 70%: allow visible light to penetrate effectively, and keeps the room bright and the view clear.

3. Advanced nano liquid ceramic thermal insulation coating technologies: without metals, electromagnetic radiation will not be blocked.

4. Competitive price and performance: better than other brands of thermal insulation films.

nan ya ir cut film - high ir rejection window film, energy film for window


1. Energy Saving

IR cut window films for glass curtain wall, building window


1. High infrared (IR) rejection window film for thermal insulation (window tint) is able to insulate UV and infrared radiation more effectively than regular clear films.

2. As the increased hours of QUV (24→1000), high infrared (IR) rejection window film for thermal insulation (window tint) maintains high transparency and UV / infrared rejection rate.

high IR rejection window film for thermal insulation  window tint, energy film
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