Nan Ya Has a Leading Position in The Plastics Industry in Taiwan

Founded in 1958, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation belongs to Formosa Plastics Group, pursues development and excellence continuously.

"Diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness. Striving for perfection, sustainable operation, and contributing to society." is the core value philosophy inherited from the two founders.

With regard to research and development, operation, and production management, Nan Ya upholds the concepts of "Getting to the bottom of things, seeking truth from facts, and rationalization."

In terms of plastic processing products sales market, in addition to actively expanding domestic and abroad sales channels, we also continue to research and develop high-value and differentiated clear PVC film products, to pursue full-scale production and sales, and to enhance the value of clear PVC film products.

Global Operation and Business Diversification

Formosa Plastics Group continues to diversify its business into various areas and is currently engaged in plastics, textiles, petrochemicals, electronics, energy, transportation, public works, steelmaking, biotechnology, healthcare and education.

Formosa Plastics Group includes more than 100 other affiliated companies, such as Formosa Plastics Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Corporation, and Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, and has established factories in Taiwan, the United States, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Clear PVC film manufacturer profile
Core value of Research and Development Management, Production Management, Operation Management.
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