Super Clear Vinyl Film / Crystal Clear Film


  • Flow-mark-free, high-gloss, with a Gloss Value of 110 or more.
  • Comply with EU REACH, RoHS, the U.S. CPSIA, and other environmental regulations if required.
  • Acquire patents in Taiwan, China, the United States, Malaysia and South Korea.
  • The patented process can manufacture exceptional gloss on both sides (double-polished), suitable for screen / lithographic (off-set) printing, advertising, and vehicle wraps.
  • Special requirements are available, such as cold-resistant, weather-resistant, anti-UV, etc.


1. Stationery

book covers, pencil boxes, badge holders, business card holders, sports card holders (baseball card holders, trading card holders), laminating films

2. Packaging

blanket bags, bed sheet bags, comforter bags, shopping bags, clear vinyl bags, transparent bags, clear cosmetic bags / pouches, travel toiletry bags, clear vinyl purse organizers, clear backpacks / handbags

3. Advertising & Graphics

(1) promotional window graphics, window advertising, window clings, static clings
(2) self-adhesive trademark stickers, logo decals

4. Tents & Awnings

(1) substitutes for window glass
vinyl camper windows, windows of yacht, windows of jeep, tent windows
(2) clear vinyl outdoor shades / clear vinyl window cover
patio enclosure, porch curtain, clear vinyl patio cover

5. Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps, paint protection film

6. Energy Saving

IR cut window films for glass curtain wall, building window



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