Heavy Gauge Clear Vinyl Film / Clear Vinyl Fabric


  • Heavy-duty, and highly transparent.
  • Comply with EU non-phthalate and RoHS regulations if required.
  • Special requirements are available, such as fire-resistant, cold-resistant, anti-UV, anti-static, etc.
  • Desk protectors comply with national standard CNS 15527. 8 phthalate plasticizers (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP, DMP, and DEP) and 8 heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr, As, Se, Sb, Ba) are not contained.


1. Stationery

clear desk protectors / clear desk pads

2. Packaging

blanket bags, bed sheet bags, comforter bags, shopping bags, clear vinyl bags, transparent bags, clear cosmetic bags / pouches, travel toiletry bags, clear vinyl purse organizers, clear backpacks / handbags

3. Tents & Awnings

(1) tents and awnings
clear vinyl awnings, trailer awnings, tents with clear roof / wall
(2) substitutes for window glass
vinyl camper windows, windows of yacht, windows of jeep, boat enclosure / yacht enclosure, tent windows
(3) clear vinyl outdoor shades / clear vinyl window cover
patio enclosure, porch curtain, clear vinyl patio cover

4. Industrial

welding curtain, strip door, dust proof curtain (suitable for semiconductor fabrication plants, electronic manufacturing factories, food processing factories, pharmaceutical factories, clean rooms, logistics industry, warehouses, and hypermarkets, etc.)



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