Processing Details

High-gloss printed clear pvc film, clear vinyl film.

Regular / colored clear vinyl film

  • Suitable for various processing, such as printing, high-frequency welding, foil stamping, vacuum forming, etc.
  • Dusting can improve non-tacky property, but not suitable for printing.
  • Clear vinyl film (pressed) is double-polished and high-gloss. No air pockets, suitable for printing processing.
  • Can add special formulation for better non-tacky property.

Clear vinyl film for inflatables

  • With excellent physical properties, it can be applied to all kinds of inflatable toys, swim rings, inflatable pools, air beds, floating mats, beach balls, and other inflatable products.
  • Suitable for high-frequency welding and printing processing.
  • Can require dusting to have excellent non-tacky property.

Clear vinyl film for (printed) blanket bags

  • Suitable for sewing and high-frequency welding processing, apply to blanket bags, comforter bags, bed sheet and bed cover bags, etc.
  • Having high clarity, and having excellent non-tacky property by dusting if required.

Double-polished / self-adhesive clear vinyl film

  • Suitable for window films, static cling labels, self-adhesive tapes, self-adhesive packaging, signage and decorations, etc.
  • Double-polished, flow-mark-free, and excellent self-adhesive property for clinging to windows with no glue.

Clear vinyl film for pouches and stationary

  • Suitable for book covers, file folders, pencil boxes, sports card holders (baseball card holders, trading card holders), business card holders, and stationary.
  • Can add special formulation for better non-tacky property while processing.

Printed / Non-printed / colored super clear vinyl film

  • With patented process for clear vinyl film, it’s flow-mark-free, high-gloss, double-polished, and no air pockets. Apply to products with glass texture, high gloss, high transparency, and flow-mark-free characteristics.
  • Can add special formulation for better non-tacky property.
  • Color can be made-to-order, suitable for decorations, bags, window clings, various processing, etc.
  • Formulation can be adjusted to conform all kinds of standards and customer’s requirements, such as flame-resistance, cold-resistance, mildew- resistance, anti-UV, REACH, etc.
  • Weather-resistant products can apply to outdoor advertisements, labels, windows, and window clings, etc.

Super clear vinyl window film / IR cur film

  • With heat insulation and high transparency, it can be applied to window tints for buildings.
  • Special requests need to be confirmed with us and set up suitable formulations first.
  • Double-polished products are tacky. We suggest placing paper between layers or gluing processing.
  • Please store in shady and cool place in room temperature 23°C, and avoid high humidity and temperature.
  • Printed products are suitable for solvent ink, UV printing, screen printing, relief printing and ink-jet printing as well. Products with water based ink need to be confirmed with us first.
  • Please store indoors to avoid matte surface (frosted surface).
  • Non-phthalate products use special plasticizer, if customer need to fill liquors (except water) in after processing, please confirm with us first.
  • It may cause migration phenomenon and be wrinkled after processing if use films with different plasticizers together.
  • Products can be made-to-order to comply with international standards (such as REACH SVHC, RoHS, PAHs, etc.)
  • Welcome to contact us for other special requests.
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